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Past Appearances

“Sick and Tired: Women on the Institutional Circuit,” Massachusetts General Hospital Charlestown Health Center, Novermber 2017.

“The Social Context of Breast Cancer,” Silent Spring Institute, April 2017.

“Gender and Criminalization,” University of Guam, July 2016.

“Women on the Institutional Circuit,” Criminal Justice Speaker Series, First Unitarian Society in Newton, May 2016.

“Health Challenges of Marginalized Women,” Informal speaker series for activist physicians and medical students at the Boston medical schools, May 2016.

“Social Capital and Cultural Capital: How Faith Communities Can Help Marginalized Women,” Church of Our Savior, Arlington MA, April 2015

“Disrupted Lives, Fragmented Care: Illness Experiences of Criminalized Women,” University of Massachusetts, Amherst, April 2015.

Porter Square Books, Cambridge March 2015.

“Incarceration by Any Other Name: The Unholy Alliance of Religion, Therapeutic Culture and the State,” UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, February 2015.

Suffer the Women: Pain, Prison and Perfection in a Medicalized World,” Brandeis University, January 2015.

“Criminalized Women, Health and Human Rights,” Ben Gurion University, January 2015.

“Building on Women’s Strengths: New Ideas for Reducing Recidivism,” presented at the Massachusetts State House (event sponsored by Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; Women’s Legislative Caucus; Taskforce on Incarcerated Women), February 12, 2014.

“The Hidden Homeless Women of Boston,” Suffolk University Center for Community Engagement, November 2013.

“The Gendering of Informal Consequences of Mass Incarceration,” Collateral Sanctions Workshop, Robina Institute of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, University of Minnesota Law School, March 2013.

“A Sociological Perspective on Drugs and Drug Users,” University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester MA, March 2012.

“Where are They Now: Massachusetts’ Women Post-Incarceration,” presented at the Massachusetts State House (sponsored by Representative Kay Khan), July 18, 2011.

“Mothering in the Shadow of the United States Correctional System,” American Anthropological Association, November 2011.

“Whose Higher Power? Criminalized Women Confront the ‘Twelve Steps,’” International Association for the History of Religions XXth World Congress, August 2010.

“Criminalized Women, Health and Human Rights,” presented at IBIS Reproductive Health, May 2010.

“Women and Health Care Reform in Massachusetts,” national webcast sponsored by the National Women’s Law Center, May 2008.

“Religion, Relationships and Health: Jewish and Gender Perspectives,” Military Conference on Health, Culture and Human Security, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Washington DC, December 2008.

“Poverty, Access and Health Status: Life and Death in the Land of Opportunity,” Massachusetts Medical Society Ethics Forum, November 2008.

“The Death Spiral: How ‘the Uninsured’ Became an American Caste,” 21st Idaho Conference on Health Care, Idaho State University, October 2008.

“Holistic Sickening: What Causes Breast Cancer? Complementary and Alternative Practitioners Speak,” National Women’s Studies Association, June 2008.

“Why Health Care Reform is a Women’s Issue,” Raising Women’s Voices for Health Care Conference, Boston MA, April 2008.

“The Death Spiral,” National Congress on the Un and Underinsured, Washington DC, December 2007.

“The Health Care Underclass,” Northeastern University, July 2007

“Socio-Cultural Issues and Maternal Child Health,” First Annual Maternal Child Health Summit sponsored by the San Antonio Department of Public Health, August 2006

Keynote Address: “Synergy, Syncretism, and Appropriation: Ritual Healing in the Contemporary United States,” Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, May 2005, London, Ontario

“Women’s Health Care Access in Rural America,” University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, November 2005.

“Uninsured in America – and in Texas,” Trinity University, October 2005.

“Women’s Health Briefing,” Kaiser Foundation briefing for policy makers and congressional aids, Washington DC, July 2005

“Medical Ethics and the Uninsured” and “Race, Gender and Health Care,” Mississippi State University, February 2005.

Radio Appearances:

KPFK Los Angeles; WBUR (Radio Boston); KVON-AM, ‘Morning Edition’ Napa, CA; Radio Health Journal (nationally syndicated); WBAI, NYC; USA Radio Network; Radio Nation; Prime Time Live –­ AARP; “A las Ocho” – KRZA, CO; KCPW, Salt Lake City NPR; Left Radio Network; WAMC, Albany NY; KVMR, Nevada City, CA; “Voices of Our World” (Syndicated); Henry Raines “American AM” (Syndicated); “Kimball in the City” Oregon Public Radio, Portland; “Lambda Radio Report” WRFG-FM, Atlanta; “Radio Health Journal” (Syndicated).

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