Susan Starr Sered, PhD, is an award-winning author, speaker, and scholar whose work explores women’s health, human rights, mass incarceration, religion, and gender equity.

Susan Sered’s passion for getting to know people whose lives are seldom recognized or validated has taken her from an immigrant neighborhood in Jerusalem to a fishing village in Okinawa, Japan, and most recently, to a community of criminalized women in downtown Boston. Underlying all her work is concern for how individuals and groups grapple with the human experiences of love, birth, illness, pain, suffering, and death.

Professor of Sociology at Suffolk University, Susan Sered is the author of seven books and numerous scholarly and popular articles.

Susan Sered is available for speaking engagements in public forums, legislative hearings, schools and conferences, as well as with social service, advocacy and community organizations.

Speaking Topics Include:
Orange is the New Black: What Pennsatucky’s Teeth Tell Us
About Class in America
Mothering in the Shadows of the Correctional System
Whose Higher Power?: Criminalized Women Confront the Twelve Steps
The Healthcare Underclass

Booking and Inquiries: ssered@suffolk.edu